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Tereza Huříková

world cup winner of the MTB XC, category U23


Ondřej Synek

world Champion in rowing


Petr Koukal

multiple Czech Champion in badminton and participant of Beijing 2008


Hana Kynychová

double vice champion of Czech republic in aerobics


Marek Hyka

world champion in aerobatics


Tereza Olivová

multiple champion of Czech Republic and Slovakia in surfing


Jan Svoboda

multiple Czech Republic champion in lumberjack competitions


Ivan Rybařík

winner of the mountain biking stage race Crocodile trophy



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Ivan Rybařík


winner of the mountain biking stage race Crocodile trophy

„Allivictus helps not only in my sport endeavour but is of an everyday help to most of the Clean Sport clients.“

„It´s cleansing effect is unique and I recommend the Allivictus-shield against parasites, viruses and bacteria to every sportsman as a prevention as well as to people with health problems.“

Born: 12.8.1981 in Tábor
Marital Status: Married, wife Jana, children Elena and Linda

Founder of the Clean Sport Project:

Project that motivates people from all social and age levels in a clean path through sport and life. The joy of personal and performance growth and a good health are the main work attributes of people from Clean Sport implementation team. Clean, energetically balanced diet, purely natural dietary supplements and joy of movement and victory while maintaining the full health are the main pillars of the project that aims to penetrate into most sport disciplines. After first year of work in cycling the Clean Sport family expands to embrace cross-country skiing and triathlon.

Coach and diet and healthy lifestyle advisor professional cyclist




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