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Tereza Huříková

world cup winner of the MTB XC, category U23


Ondřej Synek

world Champion in rowing


Petr Koukal

multiple Czech Champion in badminton and participant of Beijing 2008


Hana Kynychová

double vice champion of Czech republic in aerobics


Marek Hyka

world champion in aerobatics


Tereza Olivová

multiple champion of Czech Republic and Slovakia in surfing


Jan Svoboda

multiple Czech Republic champion in lumberjack competitions


Ivan Rybařík

winner of the mountain biking stage race Crocodile trophy



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Jan Svoboda


multiple Czech Republic champion in lumberjack competitions

„Allivictus brings back the power I need during my performance and sustains my strong immunity that is essential to me.“

born 1986, Liptál u Vsetína

Jan made is first experience with TIMBERSPORTS as a seventeen year-old as a parent approved exception in 2004. He used this head start immediately the following year to earn his first title “The best Lumberjack of Czech Republic” that he earned already six times so far and is therefore historically the most successful from the domestic scene. During the Czech Championship 2011 he was the best in five out of six disciplines and belongs with no doubt to the national representation for World Championship 2011. From European competitions it is the Europe Team Champion title from 2008 in St. Johann, Austria or the silver medal on Open Championship in Austria in 2009 that he values the most.


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