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Allivictus is the original Czech garlic tincture; a unique allicin complex, processed by hand and made entirely of Czech garlic with no chemical additives.



Our grannies have always known…

Garlic has been known for its health benefits for centuries. A natural tincture preserves these benefits and enables a convenient and individually sized dose without any of the social side effects (garlic sweats and bad breath).

Allivictus contains 63% Czech garlic and 37% alcohol, no other chemicals or additives.

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Garlic has been used as a natural remedy since the second half of the 19th century. In 1858, Louis Pasteur examined the use of garlic as an antibiotic; he showed how it killed bacteria in laboratory conditions.

Traditionally, garlic is used primarily to boost immunity, lower blood pressure and decrease bad cholesterol. It can be beneficial in the prevention of, and shortening the duration of others illnesses.

The alcohol-based tincture enables quick absorption and effective use of garlic´s beneficial compounds in the body.


Allicin Active Complex™

Allicin Active Complex™, Allivictus contains a high amount of Organosulfur substances and other bioactive compounds.

Allivictus Tincture is produced from high quality garlic farmed in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The garlic is processed manually without the use of metal knives or machines. This ensures the preservation of valuable Allicin compounds, the homeopathic substance in garlic. The fact that it does not leave any social side effects (garlic sweats or bad breath) is another advantage of hand processed garlic tincture.


Allivictus is a natural garlic tincture…

Allivictus absorbs almost instantly in the mouth and does not leave any unpleasant odors after taking it.

Allivictus garlic tincture:

  • it is absorbed in the mouth and does not enter the digestive system
  • does not leave any lingering odour
  • it is made exclusively of high quality Czech garlic
  • contains complex natural bioactive sulphur compounds
  • it is processed by hand to preserve the maximum amount of valuable Allicin compounds
  • helps relieve the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections and catarrhal conditions
  • helps reduce elevated blood lipid levels / hyperlipidaemia
  • helps maintain cardiovascular health in adults
  • does not contain any sweeteners
  • does not contain any artificial colouring
  • is natural – safe for 2 years to adults
  • contains the highly effective natural compounds found in Czech garlic
  • is made from garlic cloves and does not contain any chemical additives
  • Allivictus is a natural tincture made from raw garlic
  • natural Allivictus tincture

  • raw garlic

Controlled production process…

Our unique production method and quality control processes result in a higher content of Organosulfur compounds that are beneficial for our bodies.

  • our unique rules for cultivation and processing of our garlic allow for only a select and limited supply for production
  • thanks to the hands on production it ensures a premium quality product 
  • it is inspired by the original Tibetan recipe from the 13th century
  • it is produced from Czech garlic in the Czech Republic 

 The formula is certified as a natural health prod. in Canada.
 The formula is certified as a dietary supplement in EU.



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Allivictus is approved as a Natural Health Product by Health Canada.

Allivictus is registered with the CHFA.

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What happens around Allivictus?


Allivictus ambassadors

Tereza Huříková

world cup winner of the MTB XC, category U23


Ondřej Synek

world Champion in rowing


Petr Koukal

multiple Czech Champion in badminton and participant of Beijing 2008


Hana Kynychová

double vice champion of Czech republic in aerobics


Marek Hyka

world champion in aerobatics


Tereza Olivová

multiple champion of Czech Republic and Slovakia in surfing


Jan Svoboda

multiple Czech Republic champion in lumberjack competitions


Ivan Rybařík

winner of the mountain biking stage race Crocodile trophy



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